Severe plastic deformation techniques

Figure 1. ECAP die-set, Pmax=1500 kN

There are two technological ECAP set-up constructed on the basis of hydraulic presses (see fig.1,2). Billets with dimensions from Ø8 to Ø40 mm could be deformed on the given set-ups with temperature ranging up to 823°K.

Necessary furnices and mechanical teratment tools are also available.

Figure 2. ECAP die-set, Pmax=450 kN

The die-sets and developed technologies allow producing multipass ECAP of a number of metals and alloys, including hard-to-deform and refractory ones (fig.3, 4).

Figure 3. ECAP processing of tungsten

Figure 4. Output ECAP Ti samples with various diameter

There is also an automated high pressure torsion die-set (fig. 5). The processed samples demonstrate the most refined structure and unique mechanical properties

Figure 5. HPT die-set. Pmax=6GPa