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December 5, 2006

Announce of the International Symposium on Bulk Nanostructured Materials

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24.05.2006. Many things have happened. The design and content have been severely remastered and updated. Equipment section has been developed. Science and technology, Conferences and Contact us sections are updated.

8.12.2005. Science & Technology section is updated by description of SPD.

1.12.2005. Section Science & Technology in IPAM is updated. Prof. Valiev is among the Leading Sicentists of the World 2005 by International Biographical Center, Cambridge, England

1-21.11.2005. The long repairment works seem to be over and IPAM occupies its former location in the 3rd USATU building.

29.09.2005. Our site gets the second life. The design of English version is changed, the content is significantly updated.

17.06.2004. The 1st All-Russian conference on nanomaterials NANO2004 is announced. Deadline for abstracts - June 30, 2004.

03.06.2004. ISPMA 10, the International Symposium on Physics of Materials is announced. Deadline for abstracts - December 31, 2004.

24.05.2004. We are in the web! - the IPAM site gets an address.

20.04.2004. The IPAM site construction has been initiated.