Nanostructured Titanium and its alloys for medical implants, prostheses and other applications

Increased strength characteristics give a possibility to decrease weight and size of implants, which allows to accelerate recovery of a patient. The last decade has seen the development of a new research area in materials science, consisting in fabrication of bulk nanostructured materials (i.e. materials with a microstructures refined down to less than 100 nanometers) using advanced processing methods, namely, severe plastic deformation (SPD). This exploratory area is now known as NanoSPD. Nanostructured materials produced using SPD methods are characterized by enhanced service properties, especially mechanical ones. Under development are the technologies of producing nanostructured semi-products out of Ti-Ni alloy with extraordinary properties (including shape-memory effect) for medical and structural applications.
Properties of semi-products made of nanocrystalline Ti as compared to conventional coarse-grained Ti

Semi-products (rods) made of nanocrystalline titanium with a diameter from 2 to 12 mm