Dr. Dmitriy V. Gunderov

phone: +7 3472 234449
email: dimagun@mail.rb.ru

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format, ~180Kb)

Dr. Dmitriy V. Gunderov is the leader of research group "Nanostructured metastable SPD alloys". The group members are Ph.D. Dmitry V. Gunderov, leading researcher Alexander I . Zharikov and others.

The main scientific direction of the group is investigation of structural-phase transformations and properties of Ti-and Al-based alloys, and hard magnetic Fe-R-Nd(Pr) alloys as well, subjected to severe plastic deformation (SPD).

Selected publications
  1. Stolyarov V.V., Gunderov D.V., Valiev R.Z., Popov A.G., Gaviko V.S., Ermolenko A.S. "Metastable nanostructured states in R2Fe14B-based alloys processed by severe plastic deformation" JMMM, 196-197 (1999) 166-168.
  2. Stolyarov V.V., Gunderov D.V., Popov A.G., Puzanova T.Z., Raab G.I., Yavari A.R., Valiev R.Z., High coercive states in alloys processed by equal channel angular pressing, JMMM 242-245 (2002) 1399-1401.