Prof. Igor V. Alexandrov

phone: +7 3472 737977

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format, ~160Kb)

Prof., Dr. Sci. Igor V. Alexandrov is the leader of group "Physics of Severe Plastic Deformation". The group consists of 12 people. Among them there are: A.A. Nazarov, Prof., Dr. Phys. Math. Sci., S.N. Faizova, PhD, R.G. Chembarisova, PhD, N.A. Enikeev, PhD and V.U. Kazykhanov, PhD.

The group is engaged in experimental investigations and computer simulation of the severe plastic deformation processes at different structural levels. Among the investigated materials there are: pure metals (copper, titanium, nickel, tungsten, molybdenum), copper alloys and composites.

The group members are closely connected with Russian scientists (Sarov, Nizhnii Novgorod, St. Petersburg) and foreign partners (Los Alamos, Vienna, Budapest, Krakow, Taejon).

Selected publications
  1. Valiev R.Z., Alexandrov I.V., Nanostructured materials, processed by severe plastic deformation. - Moscow: Logos, 2000. - 272 p.
  2. Valiev R.Z., Alexandrov I.V., Paradox of severe plastic deformation. - Reports of Academy of Sciences of RF, "Technical Physics" - 2001. - V. 380. - No. 1 - pp. 34-37.
  3. Alexandrov I.V. and Valiev R.Z., Computer simulation of X-ray diffraction patterns of nanocrystalline materials. - Philosophical Magazine B, 1996, Vol. 73, 861-872.
  4. Alexandrov I.V., Zhu Y.T., Lowe T.C., Islamgaliev R.K., Valiev R.Z., Microstructures and properties of nanocomposites obtained through SPTS consolidation of powders. - Metallurgical and materials transactions A, 1998, Vol. 29A, 2253-2260.
  5. Valiev R.Z., Islamgaliev R.K, Alexandrov I.V., Bulk nanostructured materials obtained through SPD, Progress in Material Science, 2000, Vol. 45, 2, 103-189.