Dr. Rinat K. Islamgaliev

phone: +7 3472 235244
email: saturn@mail.rb.ru

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format, ~160Kb)

Dr. Sci. Rinat K. Islamgaliev is Head of Group "Physics of Strength and Ductility". He is expert in structural characterization and research of strength and ductility of nanostructured metals and alloys processed by severe plastic deformation. The main objective of his investigations is origin of extraordinary mechanical properties of nanostructured metals and alloys (unique combination of high strength and ductility, high strain rate and low temperature superplasticity). Dr. Islamgaliev is author of over 100 papers in peer-reviewed scientific journals and proceedings of international conferences. He was coordinator of projects RFBR-Austria 01-02-002, INTAS 97-1243, manager of projects CRDF Re2-2230, RFBR 00-02-16583.

Selected publications
  1. R.Z.Valiev, R.K.Islamgaliev, I.V.Alexandrov. Bulk nanostructured materials from severe plastic deformation. Progress in Materials Science. 45 (2000) 103-189.
  2. R.S.Mishra, R.Z.Valiev, S.X.McFadden, R.K.Islamgaliev, A.K.Mukherjee. High-strain-rate superplasticity from nanocrystalline Al alloy 1420 at low temperature. Phil. Mag. A, 81, 1 (2001) 37-48.
  3. R.K.Islamgaliev, N.F.Yunusova, I.N.Sabirov, A.V.Sergeeva, R.Z.Valiev. Deformation behavior of nanostructured aluminum alloy processed by severe plastic deformation. Mat. Sci. Eng. A319-321 (2001) 874-878.
  4. R.K.Islamgaliev, N.F.Yunusova, R.Z.Valiev. Effect of regimes of equal-channel angular pressing on superplasticity of aluminum alloy 1420. The Physics of Metals and Metallography. 94, 6 (2002) 606-615.
  5. R.K.Islamgaliev, N.F.Yunusova, R.Z.Valiev, N.K.Tsenev, V.N.Perevezentsev, T.G.Langdon. Characteristics of superplasticity in an ultrafine-grained aluminum alloy processed by ECA pressing. Scripta Mater. 49, 5 (2003) 467-472.