Prof. Ruslan Z. Valiev

phone: +7 3472 233422

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format, ~270Kb)

Ruslan Z. Valiev is Professor and has been founder and Scientific Director of the Institute of Physics of Advanced Materials, Ufa State Aviation Technical University since 1995. In the early 1990's Prof. Valiev and his co-workers made the first works in fabrication of ultrafine-grained metals and alloys using severe plastic deformation (SPD).

At present his main research interests comprise studies of producing SPD nanomaterials, their microstructural characterization, investigation of their unusual properties and applications. Since 1992, Ruslan Valiev has been Guest Professor at well-recognized research departments in USA, Japan and Europe, and in 2001 was granted a Research Award of the Humboldt Foundation (Germany) for pioneering works in SPD nanomaterials. He has acted as co-organiser of several international SPD meetings, among these the NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Investigations and Applications of SPD which was held 1999 in Moscow and initiated the actual NanoSPD conference series. Ruslan Valiev is chairman of the International Steering Committee on SPD and a member of several international professional committees, among these the International Committee on Superplasticity of Advanced Materials, the International Committee for Nanostructured Materials, the International Committee on Superplasticity of Materials and Alloys. He has published a large number of publications and books, and gave numerous keynote lectures and invited talks at international conferences. Besides, he is holder of 16 patents related to SPD nanomaterials.

Selected publications
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