Prof. Vladimir V. Stolyarov

tel.: +7 495 6234237

Curriculum Vitae (PDF format, ~112Kb)

Prof. Stolyarov is a member of the "Laboratory of integrated physical and mechanical investigations". He is also a member of the "Nanostructured metastable SPD alloys" lab of IPAM.

Main research activity is in development and investigation of new nanostructure materials (engineering, functional, magnetic), processed by severe plastic and electroplastic deformation.

Selected publications
  1. Tavares S.S., Gunderov D.V., Stolyarov V.V., Neto J.M., Phase transformation induced by SPD in the AISI 304L stainless steel, Mater.Sci.&Eng., A 358/1-2 (2003) 32-36.
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  3. V.V. Stolyarov, L.Sh. Shuster, M.Sh. Migranov, R.Z. Valiev, Y.T. Zhu, Reduction of Friction Coefficient in Ultrafine-Grained CP Ti, Mater.Sci.&Eng., A 371 (2004) 313-317.
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